Luxury Performance Fabric

Our bedding is made with 100% Tencel® Lyocell, which has numerous advantages over other fabrics its properties and its manufacturing process:

Superior moisture control.
Tencel's most salient feature is its ability to absorb excess liquid (at a rate of 50% more than cotton) and quickly release it into the atmosphere. This drives Tencel's excellent cooling properties, and allows the skin to regulate body temperature unimpeded.

Antibacterial properties. Tencel’s moisture management prevents bacterial growth. Moisture is directly absorbed from the skin and wicked away, rather than lingering on the surface where bacteria grows on other fabrics. As a result, Tencel is naturally hygienic and remains odor-free much longer than cotton.

Luxuriously soft. Our Tencel sheets are softer than silk and get softer with every wash. Their extremely smooth surface and excellent moisture absorption make them ideal for bedding -- especially for customers with sensitive skin.

Gentle on the skin. The microscopic surfaces of Tencel nanofibrils are smoother than the surfaces of cotton and wool, reducing skin irritation. In addition, Tencel is hypoallergenic and anti-static.