About Us

Promoting human dignity and social responsibility around the world

The team at Responsible Linen is committed to promoting and protecting human rights wherever they are threatened. We and our loved ones have struggled with social discrimination and, while we are thrilled by recent progress made in our local communities, we are keenly aware of the great obstacles that others continue to face in every corner of the world.

10% of every purchase is donated to global equal rights organizations working to protect and promote human dignity for all. You can sleep well at night, not only because of our luxurious performance bedding, but because your purchase helps to protect human rights worldwide.

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Luxury Performance Fabric

We've been in search of a great night's sleep for as long as we can remember. We tried all kinds of materials and weaves in search of a cool, comfortable snooze. After a lot more trial and error than we care to think about, we stumbled across Tencel® Lyocell and fell in love. Find out why this revolutionary fabric is the answer to your sleeping dreams.

Environmentally Responsible

We couldn't sleep soundly if our comfort came at the expense of environmental safety. Tencel is the most environmentally friendly man-made fiber available today. It's produced exclusively from sustainably-harvested Eucalyptus trees — using less water, no chemical pesticides, and produced without harmful emissions. Learn about all its ecological advantages.