You don't mind parkouring through the house, do you?

Another week, another crazy delivery.

Our driveway buried in boxes

This time, it was the boxes (in boxes) that arrived and filled our driveway. We suspect Intern #2 would be rather miffed to see her room – or, rather, not to see her room, as it’s full to bursting with boxes. We have now officially factored her spring break return into the launch timeline.

We’ve started sending out samples to the experts (keep your fingers crossed, people!) and the Kickstarter video is getting its finishing touches. If we push hard to expand our following and get some good buzz, we can launch the Kickstarter on/around April 1.

Check out that beautiful box

Start your countdown clocks, and forgive me for repeating last week’s request: If there’s a blogger or journalist you follow that you think would be interested in trying out our sheets (and maybe giving us a shout-out if they like it), now is the time to let us know! Send us a note via our contact form, or a DM via our social channels. Feel free to share our info with them, too, so they can poke around and learn what Responsible Linen is all about.

Spread the word and #sleepnaked!