Three Weeks and Counting...

Sheets gettin’ real, people! We’ve got three weeks from tomorrow to get everything in order for the launch.

We’ve had a good response to the latest round of promotional ads, and we’re working to keep the momentum going into April. Special thanks to all those who’ve been sharing our posts with their networks, and a warm welcome to those of you who have just joined us on this journey! Every subscriber gets us closer to a successful Kickstarter -- and gets you closer to an exquisite night's sleep.

If anything, these past two weeks have been an important lesson in time management. As activity speeds up on the Responsible Linen front, we both have had a fair amount of travel for our day jobs. Then, the first of the nor’easters left Christine stranded in Florida for three days. The second trapped us in the house with guests for two.

But, there’s an exhilaration in the hustle. For every hair-tearing complication we didn’t plan for, there is a surprise delight: a kind note from social media friend or subscriber, snow day laughs as we learn everything we didn’t want to know about commercial shipping, or just a chance to look up and discover some sun-kissed skywriting:

Love is in the air

Amid the chaos, we have joy. We’re so very happy to making Responsible Linen real, and we’re honored you’ve chosen to join us. Thank you.


If you haven’t yet entered to be a tester, be sure to email us this week. We’ve got one more drawing of three winners on Thursday morning. (Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out the offer here.) We can’t wait to share the responses!