Teachable Moments

Those of you who have been following our social channels may have noticed a little drama this week, as we desperately tried to get the attention of the Kickstarter team. The good news is that they’ve finally responded. The bad news is that they won’t have the platform issue resolved in time for a launch tomorrow.

We cannot express how utterly disappointed we are to delay, even just for a day. It feels like we’ve been on this road so long. The thought of any wasted time is infuriating.

But, we’re trying to think about it as one of those “teachable moments” we torture the interns with. Our experience this week reminded us of how powerless one feels in an information vacuum. It reminded us that we don’t ever want to be the kind of company that drives customers to that level of frustration.

We are a small team, but we’re redoubling our efforts to make sure that you get a response if you have a question or an issue. In addition to our email and Contact Us page, we’ve confirmed that messaging is enabled on all of our social media channels.

You deserve an answer, even if it’s a simple “we don’t know but we’re looking into it.” After all, that’s a core part of what we’re trying to support with our causes: making sure that everyone feels heard and respected.

We’ll update everyone on the new launch date once we get firm answers (which we’re hoping will be very soon!). Thanks for sticking with us this far, and for hanging in there just a few more days.

And if you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to drop us a line. We are listening!