Some Good News

It was nice to have some happier news this week. The shipment is scheduled to clear customs on Monday, so we're feeling confident about the timeline we laid out last week. We're not quite breathing easy, but we do feel a little less like we need to sleep with our fingers crossed.

Congratulations, India!

This was a good news week for the LGBT community in India, too. In case you missed it on Thursday, India's Supreme Court struck down a law criminalizing consensual gay sex. The unanimous decision by five judges is the culmination of a long struggle for recognition by India's LGBT community and supporters.

The decision does not automatically extend to LGBT communities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, however. The complicated history of governance over border states between India and Pakistan means J&K operates under a different constitution. The extreme cultural conservatism that dominates the state also means it may be some time yet before it adopts the ruling in Delhi.

Still, Thursday's news is a victory for activists in India, who did not stop fighting in the face of several legal setbacks over the past decade. It's significant and heartening news, and a possible template for other nations struggling to overturn colonial legacies of anti-LGBT legislation. Given the sheer size of India's population (more than 1.3 billion people), there are now tens of millions of people who no longer have to fear criminal repercussions for their sexuality. That's definitely news worth celebrating!