So close we can touch it


A pallet of sheets on our doorstepWe ordered a limited run of the sheets for Kickstarter donors, and they arrived this past week. Look at those boxes! If the pallet delivery didn’t spook the neighbors, our happy dance surely did.


Our awesome videographer Jon sets up his shotWe spent yesterday morning capturing the last of the footage for our launch video. The rest of the weekend is dedicated to getting some cool new product photos and finalizing our expert tester list.

“What’s this expert tester list,” you ask?

Well, we know we only get one shot at the Kickstarter.
It's critical that we have a very successful first 24 hours, and that means promoting Responsible Linen and the Kickstarter campaign as far and wide as possible ahead of time. You, our early followers, will be instrumental in spreading the word. We are so grateful to have you on this adventure with us.

But we can’t ask you to carry the message alone. We’re sending test sheets to a handful of industry experts in the hope we can get productive feedback and build some advance buzz. If there’s a blogger or journalist you follow that you think would be interested in trying out our sheets (and maybe giving us a shout-out if they like it), now is the time to let us know! Send us a note via our contact form, or a DM on our social channels.

Get ready! It’s almost go time.