Make room for new colors with 20% off

Welcome back! Whether you’ve just finished Dry January, Veganuary, or Dear-Lord-Is-it-Still-Only-January, the year 2019 is now in full swing.

We took a bit of a break from blogging this past month as we prepare for our expanded sheet line! We’ll have at least one new color and new patterns available, and YOU get to help us choose. At the end of February, we hope to put out a survey to all our Responsible Linen community to get your preferences for the next offerings. Keep an eye on your inbox and our social media channels for your invitation to participate.

Of course, in order to get the new options going, we need to sell a few more of our Signature Sheets in stone. That’s where we’re hoping you can help us clear out some space for new inventory: use discount code ROOM4MORE to get 20% off any order in February.

The faster we make room, the sooner we can start offering new colors and patterns. Share the code with your friends, pick up an extra set for your neighbors, or just grab a few extra pillowcases. Give your Valentine the gift of a great night’s sleep and remember to #sleepnaked!