Let there be light (sheet colors, that is)!

We’ve done it! Our Kickstarter project has reached the goal amount! Thanks to your overwhelming support, we’ll be able to launch Responsible Linen as a full ecommerce brand selling directly through our own site.

We Did It!

This week is your last chance to buy our Signature sheets at a significant discount. If there is anyone else you'd like to tell, NOW is the time.

And, of course, there’s another goal to reach: Help us double our goal amount and reach $20,000 in pledges, and you’ll have a choice of colors – you’ll even help us choose what that second color should be. Given some of the queries and feedback we’ve received, it may well be a light color to contrast with the current Stone. We’ll be surveying our Kickstarter backers for their preference; so, get in on the action, make your pledge, encourage your friends to do the same, and tell us what you want!

You can help us reach that stretch goal by May 9th:

  1. Tell other people what you think. If you’re on social media (as most of you probably are) please post this link to your page/feeds: https://kck.st/2qQjrzJ
  2. Tell any press that fits. If you love a site or magazine and think Responsible Linen would interest their readers, please let them know! Most have a “contact” or “tips” section at the bottom of the page so please drop them a line and this link: https://kck.st/2qQjrzJ

Finally, please share the link with anyone you can, because every single person counts! https://kck.st/2qQjrzJ

Once again, thank you all for your support. We can’t wait to deliver backer rewards and get this business really running!