Happy holiday shopping news

We hope that all our U.S. friends had a happy Thanksgiving! We were inspired by a number of good news stories over the week — from new gender-neutral fashion (by Celine!) to the outpouring of love for the Transgender Day of Remembrance, from Macy’s first LGBT kiss during the Thanksgiving Day Parade to momentum for a bill to ban conversion therapy in Utah.

We were also inspired by Remake, a nonprofit working to educate consumers about the environmental and social dangers of fast fashion, and to turn those enlightened shoppers into a force for good. Remake challenges everyone to pledge to shop sustainably this holiday season. We urge you to check out the movement here, and to revolutionize your gift-giving for 2018.

Their campaign (and Black Friday blog posts) resonated with us. A few of you have emailed to ask what holiday deals or Black Friday discounts we planned to offer. The truth is, there won’t be any. We weren’t interested in artificially inflating prices in the run-up to Thanksgiving just to give shoppers the illusion of a good deal. (It’s more common than you’d think – even from vendors you wouldn’t expect.) That kind of sleight of hand isn’t in keeping with Responsible Linen’s values. Instead, we’re excited to announce:

We are doubling our donations on every sale during the month of December.

20% of every purchase made between December 1st and December 31st will be donated to the cause(s) you choose at checkout.


We do want you to love our sheets. We’ve worked hard to streamline our processes to price them fairly. And we’d LOVE for you to gift them to all the people on your list. Give your loved ones the gift of a great night’s sleep. Help us give our loved causes the gift of a great holiday.

If you can’t, then we only ask that you consider committing to sustainable shopping this year. It’s the best way to stay off the Naughty List!