Eight more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil made his brief appearance on Friday, forecasting six more weeks of winter. Here at Responsible Linen, we estimate an additional two before we spring into Kickstarter.

This past week was full of promotional firsts and learning how much we don't know:

We received preliminary feedback from our early testers. They seem very happy, and it doesn’t look like we’ll need to be doing any major redesign. Phew! Prepare to start seeing testimonials on our sites shortly.

We ran our first set of social media ads (welcome, new subscribers!).

  • We did a little A/B testing to learn what most interests you. The weirdest interest overlap was between millennial women and boomer men. Hmm…
  • We were pleasantly surprised by the folks on Facebook who not only signed up but also shared our ad. That was unexpected but very much appreciated!
  • Our Instagram followers are definitely more vocal. Keep the comments coming; we’re happy to answer.

We’re continuing the campaign through this month, building the subscriber list in order to launch on schedule. If you spot it on your favorite networks, be sure to subscribe/follow/like us and share with your friends.

The most nerve-wracking activity of the week was the outreach to experts and influencers. I don’t think I’ve agonized over correspondence this much since college applications. You would think that “hey, we’d like to send you free stuff!” would be easy. You would be wrong. The good news? Some have actually answered. Now we just get to agonize while we wait for their feedback.

Coming up this week will be more of the same. The faster we build the subscriber list, the sooner we can get this Kickstarter in gear and start sending you the best set of sheets you’ll ever own. Share the awesome with your friends and tell them to sign up already!

(Also, for any of you who are looking for Christine this week: Monday is World Nutella Day. She’ll get back to you as soon as she recovers from the cocoa coma.)