Decisions, decisions

Thank you all for participating in our spring survey! We got thoughtful feedback, and can’t wait to start working with our manufacturers to bring new styles to you.

Unsurprisingly, solid colors came in first in your order of preference. We do understand that it’s easier to match a single color than a pattern, so we’ll be prioritizing that for spring.

That said, you’re almost evenly split between solid colors versus designs (53% solids, 47% combined of the other options). We didn’t expect that the second-largest preference would be for patterns. We’ll do our best to ensure that any patterns we might pick are attractive and enduring.

Our biggest surprise, however, was in the color selections! Check out the results:

Survey Results Colors

Blue and green hues definitely came out ahead, with Pale Iris being a clear winner. The great news is that many of the runners-up coordinate well with the favorites, so we have a great start on potential pattern elements. (Also, to the small population loving Fiery Red and Blazing Yellow: stay bold! We love your sass and will find a way to bring them to you.)

Some of you provided valuable recommendations for future offerings, as well as potential design improvements for our Signature sheets. Thank you! Your feedback helps us make sure that every item we offer delivers the ultimate in luxury and restful sleep.

* * *

Remember: while we’re working on getting these new options into the queue, we need to sell more of our Signature sheets in Stone to make room. You can speed the process up by sharing your experience with your friends. Please help us out by posting to your social networks, talking about your experience with Responsible Linen and encouraging them to try the luxury. Use these links to spread the word: